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OgreAL Perl bindings

This distribution provides Perl bindings for the OgreAL C++ 3D audio library
by Casey Borders. See or search for
OgreAL on the OGRE 3D wiki .

OgreAL integrates the OpenAL audio library with OGRE 3D. That lets you
attach a sound to a node in a 3D scene, so that the sound seems to be


This directory contains examples of using Ogre::AL.

To run the examples, you need to have Ogre and OIS installed.

You also need (at least) two resource-related files:

1) plugins.cfg : this might be a symlink to a system-wide file,
for example on Ubuntu I did this:

  ln -s /etc/OGRE/plugins.cfg

2) resources.cfg : an example from OgreAL 0.2.5 has been included
already. Be sure that the file pat


0.03  2009-10-05 | added example
(will add PlayPen demo, but need to add addSoundFinishedHandler
and addSoundLoopedHandler callback handlers)

0.02  2009-10-04 | update for Ogre 1.6 and OIS 1.2
- requires Ogre 1.6 and OIS 1.2 now,
  no backward-compatibility intended

0.01  2007-12-15 | initial release

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