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Feed-Pipe: Pipe Atom/RSS feeds through UNIX-style high-level filters

Everyone love pipes and filters. They are what makes a UNIX shell such a 
beautiful, powerful thing. All I wanted was the equivalent of cat, grep, sort,
and other standard utilities, but applied to RSS feeds. I couldn't find it,
so I built it.

This module is a Feed model that can mimic the functionality of standard UNIX pipe an


Revision history for Feed-Pipe

1.001   2009-11-29
        No code changes. Cleaned POD considerably and removed warning about
        API instability. API is in fact stable as of 1.0.

1.000   2009-11-28
        First release to CPAN, useful as a general tool kit now. Implements
        cat, grep, head, map, reverse, sort, tail.

0.001   2009-11-24
        First version, unreleased except on gith

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