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This directory contains some examples of services based on the SeeAlso-Module.

You can directly run the scripts if SeeAlso is installed in your PERL library 
path (@INC) or if the 'lib' directory of SeeAlso is a subdirectory of this
example directory (on Unix just create a symlink with "ln -s ../lib/ lib").
    simple CGI SeeAlso webservice for testing
    simple wrapper f


0.52  2008-11-27 - added support of additional unAPI formats
                 - fixed double-encoding UTF8 in Response->toJSON
                 - removed hasErrors method
                 - updated seealso.js and showservice.xslt
0.51  2008-03-19 - sources can now have examples
                 - added function query_seealso_server
                 - switched to JSON::XS
                 - updated


Features, that are planned to be implemented before 1.0 release include:

- Add SeeAlso::Test for testing SeeAlso services
- Add SeeAlso::Discovery to discover servers via OpenSearch Description 
- Add test of SeeAlso::Source::DBI with SQLite
- clean up the code
-- look for TODOs
-- look for missing documentation 
- remove/add missing zeroes in ISBN?
- Add a tutorial
-- Create a management object 


This module is licensed under the same terms and conditions as Perl itself.

This means that you can

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