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Perl extension for Fuzzy Logic

AI::Fuzzy really consists of two modules - AI::Fuzzy::Label and AI::Fuzzy::Set.

A fuzzy set is simply a mathematical set to which members can *partially* belong. For example, a particular shade of gray may partially belong to the set of dark colors, whereas black would have full membership, and lemon yellow would have almost no membership.

A fuzzy labeler classifies a particular crisp value by examining the degree to which it belongs to several sets, and selecting the most appropriate. For example, it can decide whether to call water at 60 degrees Farenheight "cold", "cool", or "warm". A fuzzy label might be one of these labels, or a fuzzy set describing to what degree each of the labels describes the particular value in question.

Package version:0.05


    AI::Fuzzy - Perl extension for Fuzzy Logic

      use AI::Fuzzy;

      my $f = new AI::Fuzzy::Label;

      $f->addlabel("baby",        -1,   1, 2.5);
      $f->addlabel("toddler",      1, 1.5, 3.5);
      $f->addlabel("little kid",   2,   7,  12);
      $f->addlabel("kid",          6,  10,  14);
      $f->addlabel("teenager",    12,  16,  20);
      $f->addlabel("young adult", 


Fuzzy(3)         User Contributed Perl Documentation        Fuzzy(3)

       AI::Fuzzy - Perl extension for Fuzzy Logic

         use AI::Fuzzy;

         my $f = new AI::Fuzzy::Axis;
         my $l = new AI::Fuzzy::Label("toddler",      1, 1.5, 3.5);

         $f->addlabel("baby",        -1,   1, 2.5);
         $f->addlabel("little kid",   2,   7,  12);



Revision history for Perl extension AI::Fuzzy.

0.05 Sat Jan  4 10:20:29 EST 2003
	- found problem with stringifycation in
	- fixed warning messages due to not checking "exists" for hash 
	  values in (union,intersection).  Thanks to Richard Jelinek
	  for pointing this out, and a problem in the code in the docs.
0.04 Fri Dec  6 13:49:55 EST 2002
        - replaced current AI::Fuzz

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