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Encapsulates access to the Ispell program

Lingua::Ispell::spellcheck() takes one argument. It must be a string, and it should contain only printable characters. One allowable exception is a terminal newline, which will be chomped off anyway. The line is fed to a coprocess running ispell for analysis. ispell parses the line into "terms" according to the language-specific rules in effect.
Package version:0.07


A simple "spellchecking" program is included in this distribution.
It is a perl program named "spellcheck".  It simply prints the
analysis of the input text; it provides no way to modify the text. 
It is simply given as a demonstration of the module.  Type 
    spellcheck -h
for a usage summary.  If no input files are specified, it will
read from stdin.  After each line of input, it will pr


Lingua::Ispell(3)User Contributed Perl DocumentatioLingua::Ispell(3)

NAME - a module encapsulating access to the
       Ispell program.

       Note: this module was previously known as Text::Ispell; if
       you have Text::Ispell installed on your system, it is now
       obsolete and should be replaced by Lingua::Ispell.

       ispell, when reporting on mi


Revision history for Perl extension Lingua::Ispell.

0.07  Tue Apr 18 11:09:59 EDT 2000
	- removed support for non-terse mode; this saves me from having to try to
	  parse the input line the same as ispell does.  The downside is that user
	  programs don't get reports on correctly spelled words.  Hopefully this
	  fixes a lot of bugs.
	- "*_dictionaries" subs renamed as "*_dictionary"

0.06  Fri A

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