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Generate SQL from Perl data structures

This module was inspired by the excellent L<DBIx::Abstract>. However, in using that module I found that what I really wanted to do was generate SQL, but still retain complete control over my statement handles and use the DBI interface. So, I set out to create an abstract SQL generation module.

While based on the concepts used by L<DBIx::Abstract>, there are several important differences, especially when it comes to WHERE clauses. I have modified the concepts used to make the SQL easier to generate from Perl data structures and, IMO, more intuitive. The underlying idea is for this module to do what you mean, based on the data structures you provide it. The big advantage is that you don't have to modify your code every time your data changes, as this module figures it out.

Package version:1.22


SQL::Abstract(3) User Contributed Perl DocumentationSQL::Abstract(3)

       SQL::Abstract - Generate SQL from Perl data structures

           use SQL::Abstract;

           my $sql = SQL::Abstract->new;

           my($stmt, @bind) = $sql->select($table, \@fields, \%where, \@order);

           my($stmt, @bind) = $sql->insert($table, \%fieldvals ⎪⎪ \@values);


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