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minimal try/catch with proper localization of $@

This module provides bare bones try/catch statements that are designed to minimize common mistakes with eval blocks, and NOTHING else.

This is unlike TryCatch which provides a nice syntax and avoids adding another call stack layer, and supports calling return from the try block to return from the parent subroutine. These extra features come at a cost of a few dependencies, namely Devel::Declare and Scope::Upper which are occasionally problematic, and the additional catch filtering uses Moose type constraints which may not be desirable either.

The main focus of this module is to provide simple and reliable error handling for those having a hard time installing TryCatch, but who still want to write correct eval blocks without 5 lines of boilerplate each time.

It's designed to work as correctly as possible in light of the various pathological edge cases (see BACKGROUND) and to be compatible with any style of error values (simple strings, references, objects, overloaded objects, etc).

Package version:0.04


Try::Tiny(3)     User Contributed Perl Documentation    Try::Tiny(3)

       Try::Tiny - minimal try/catch with proper localization of $@

               # handle errors with a catch handler
               try {
                       die "foo";
               } catch {
                       warn "caught error: $_";

               # just silence errors


	- Restore list context propagation for catch blocks
	- Fix a bug where finally blocks weren't always invoked

	- Support for 'finally' blocks (Andy Yates)
	- More documentation and tests (many people)
	- Sets $@ to the previous value at the beginning of the eval, to allow
	  the capture of an error stack when calling die.

	- Doc fixes from chromatic
	- Various minor fixes from Ada

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