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Library for connection to iTunes music shares

Libopendaap is a library written in C which enables applications to discover, and connect to, iTunes music shares.
Package version:0.4.0


May 12, 2005: David Hammerton <david AT crazney DOT net>
    * Password support: You can now connect to servers with
    passwords. Based on a patch by Benjamin Meyer.

May 10, 2005: David Hammerton <david AT crazney DOT net>
    * Playlist support: Fetch playlists on connect and provide
    APIs for accessing playlists.
    * Security Fixes: Fix several possible buffer overflows.
    * Better han


David Hammerton - project lead
Daniel Stone    - build system (autotools)


Although the exact license of files can be found at the top of the file,
here is the general rule:


Most of this library is distributed under the following license:

Copyright (c) 2004 David Hammerton - All rights reserved

Permission is hereby granted, free of charge, to any person
obtaining a copy of this software and associated documentat

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