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Shunt data around closed pipes to restarted processes.

shunt is a general purpose command-line tool that is used to shunt data around closed pipes to restarted processes. By creative use of the scripts that are restarted or by recursively calling shunt, you should be able to do some interesting things, but I wrote it primarily to allow me to stream multi-volume data backups directly to CD or DVD without the need for any temporary files on disk.

exactly is a trivial program that is used to exactly control the number of bytes consumers in the pipeline consume. This is especially useful when dealing with programs that use the buffered C/C++ standard I/O library or when you want an unbuffered program to be less greedy. You need to use this program with mkisofs (but not with the included flyisofs that serves the same purpose).

flyisofs creates an ISO 9660 file system on the fly from a stream of data on standard input. The data is stored sequentially in files the size of your choosing.

Package version:1.7.2


                          September 22, 2003

The home page for "shunt" and "exactly" is at the following URL:

More detailed documentation can be found at the home page, but
briefly, "shunt" is a general tool that allows you to replace
processes in one segment of a pipe without breaking the pipe
regardless of where you insert the process.

As it currently stands,


Mon Jun 19 14:53:32 2006 Paul Serice <>

	* Fixed bug caused by not checking to make sure the special "-c"
	  process had exited before removing other processes from the
	* 1.7.2 released.

Sat Jun 10 20:55:50 2006 Paul Serice <>

	* Applied patch from Dan Engel <dan - at -> that
	  fixes a bug that could caused the pipeline to be shutdo


These programs are licensed BSD-style.  Just replace all references to
"The Regents of the University of California" (and similar) with
references to me.  On a Debian system, you can find a copy of the BSD
license in /usr/share/common-licenses/BSD.

Paul Serice
September 18, 2003

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