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Header files, libraries and development documentation for libmcrypt.

This package contains the header files, static libraries and development documentation for libmcrypt. If you like to develop programs using libmcrypt, you will need to install libmcrypt-devel.
Package version:2.5.7


If you want to find the libmcrypt library in other projects
using autoconf/aclocal, put in your 

 AM_PATH_LIBMCRYPT( 2.4.11,, AC_MSG_ERROR([[*** libmcrypt was not found]]))

these macros define LIBMCRYPT_LIBS and LIBMCRYPT_CFLAGS.
If Libmcrypt version 2.2.x is found then LIBMCRYPT22 is defined,
otherwise LIBMCRYPT24.


Mcrypt 2.1 was insecure (vulnerable to brute force attack for weak keys) 
because it just used the plainkey as it was given by the user as algorithm's
key. The solution seems to be a function which tranforms the
key given by the user to a real -random looking- key. 

There are many functions that may convert a password or a passphrase to
a key. Most of them use hash algorithms. You can find some i


The xTEA algorithm may not be right implemented. There are two different
behaved implementations, because the specification is not clear. I assumed
that the C code in the specification is right, so in mcrypt xtea behaves
exactly as the code shown in the specification. The different approach
is the code in which seems to be more rational than the
code in the specification. But since 


MCRYPT(3)                                                  MCRYPT(3)

       libmcrypt - encr

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