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Database logging module for Apache

mod_log_sql is a logging module for Apache that logs all requests to a database.
Package version:1.100


The "original" document is the Docbook file "manual.xml" -- all other
files here are derived from it.

To read the HTML docs, open manual.html in your browser.

To generate other formats of the documentation use xmlto or your favorite 
xslt docbook converter to convert the xml file.


This directory contains contributed scripts/programs/utilites for mod_log_sql.

* create_tables.sql

This is the create table SQL commands to create the access, headers_in, 
headers_out, cookies, and notes tables in the MySQL database.
Use it like this.
mysql -u user -h host -p apachelogdatabase < create_tables.sql
	user is the username to log in as,
	host is the hostname the server is on, 


1.100: 2005-01-11
* fixes for NULL fields (empty request_args)
* fixed a mysql reconnect bug
* wrong hostname was logged when using mass virtual hosting
  Use, the new 'V' logformat
* formatted massvirutalhosting tables to swap - with _.
* included winconfig.h in makefile
* fixed quoting of unique_id
* converted documentation to OOO Docbook ( a subset of the full docbook DTD)

1.99: 2004-07-28
* A


* verify a db driver has been loaded.
* validate table names before trying to log them.
* writ


Edward Rudd <eddie at omegaware dot com>
	Apache 2.0 port. Current Maintainer as of February, 2004



Copyright (c) 2004 Edward M. Rudd. All rights reserved.
Copyright (c) 2002 Christopher B. Powell. A

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