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A screen manager that supports multiple logins on one terminal.

The screen utility allows you to have multiple logins on just one terminal. Screen is useful for users who telnet into a machine or are connected via a dumb terminal, but want to use more than just one login.

Install the screen package if you need a screen manager that can support multiple logins on one terminal.

Package version:3.9.5
Distribution:Red Hat 6.2


  [If you just got the screen package, it pays to read the file INSTALL]
  [This intro only describes the most common features to get you started]
  [A full description of all features is contained in the source package]

Short introduction to screen (Version 3.6.0)                   lvirden 8-8-93

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                   What's new in screen-3.9 ?

* real multiuser support
    A window can now be displayed on more than one attached displays.
    Screen does all the necessary clipping if the window size doesn't
    fit the display.
    New command:
      ^AF - fit the window size into the display size.



                                                                    jw  21.10.93


SCREEN(1)                                                  SCREEN(1)

       screen - screen 

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Download screen-3.9.5-4.sparc.rpm

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