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A library for handling different graphics file formats.

The netpbm package contains a library of functions which support programs for handling various graphics file formats, including .pbm (portable bitmaps), .pgm (portable graymaps), .pnm (portable anymaps), .ppm (portable pixmaps) and others.
Package version:9.5
Distribution:Red Hat 7.0


                           N E T P B M
                           Release 9.5

Netpbm is a toolkit for conversion of images between a variety of
different formats, as well as to allow a few basic image operations.
The package is intended to be portable to many platforms. It has, at
least at one time, been tested under various Unix-based systems, VMS
and Amiga OS.  There are also compiler directiv


Additions to the PbmPlus package.

This enhanced version of the PbmPlus package supports reading of files
from three different confocal scanners, the Molecular Dynamics (Sarastro),
the Biorad and the Zeiss. The package can convert from any of these images
to the pbm format, from which it can produce gif, tiff, x11 dumps, mac paint,
etc. In order to convert from a confocal image format, use the fol


Netpbm consists of code contributed by many authors. In every file of
the source code, there is a copyright notice, telling you what you may
or may not do with the code. All authors have granted you the right to
use and distribute their code without having to pay them, as long as
you meet some simple requirements.

Most of the components require you to include a copy their copyright
notices and wa

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