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An extensible window manager for the X Window System.

Sawfish is an extensible window manager which uses a Lisp-based scripting language. All window decorations are configurable and the basic idea is to have as much user-interface policy as possible controlled through the Lisp language. Configuration can be accomplished by writing Lisp code in a personal .sawfishrc file, or using a GTK+ interface. Sawfish is mostly GNOME compliant; if you want to use it with GNOME, you'll need to install sawfish-gnome as well..
Package version:0.30.3
Distribution:Red Hat 7.0


-*- text -*-

This is sawfish, a highly configurable window manager for X11. It is
known to compile on at least Solaris/sparc and Linux/ix86; it is
released under the terms of the GNU GPL, copyright John Harper

It should be considered alpha quality, but seems stable in my
environment. For more details, see the url:



Images from the Enlightenment theme of the same name, created by
Hallvar Helleseth


Imaxes do tema de Enlightenment do mesmo nome, creado por Hallvar


������ Enlightenment ��Ʊ̾�Υơ��ޤ����ǡ�Hallvar Helleseth 


Obrazy z motywu Enlightenment o tej samej nazwie, utworzone przez
Hallvara Hellesetha http://www.ii.


Images by tigert, originally taken from Enlightenment 0.15, matches the
GTK theme of the same name


Imaxes de tigert, orixinalmente tomadas de Enlightenment 0.15, encaixa
co tema GTK co mesmo nome


������ tigert �ˤ������Τǡ����Ȥ� GTK+ ��Ʊ̾�Υơ��ޤ˥ޥå�����
Enlightenment 0.15 �Υơ��ޤ�����

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