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The libglade library for loading user interfaces.

Libglade is a small library that allows a program to load its user interface from am XML description at runtime. Libglade uses the XML file format used by the GLADE user interface builder GLADE, so libglade acts as an alternative to GLADE's code generation approach. Libglade also provides a simple interface for connecting handlers to the various signals in the interface (on platforms where the gmodule library works correctly, it is possible to connect all the handlers with a single function call). Once the interface has been instantiated, libglade gives no overhead, so other than the short initial interface loading time, there is no performance tradeoff.
Package version:0.17
Distribution:Red Hat 7.3



Author: James Henstridge <>

This library allows you to load glade interface files in a program at runtime.
It doesn't require GLADE to be used, but GLADE is by far the easiest way to
create the interface files.

For an idea of how to use the library, see test-libglade.c and

To compile, you will need the libxml package (aka the gnome-xml modul


libglade-0.17: 7-September-2001
	- use gtk_clist_set_column_title to set clist column titles
	  when possible so that they get the alignment of the column.
	- Backport code that cleans up widget hash table in the
	  GladeXML object on widget destruction.  This means that
	  glade_xml_get_widget() should always return a valid widget
	  or NULL.
	- Move headers to a a libglade-1.0/ subdirectory.  Th


2001-09-07  James Henstridge  <>

	* update configure script for autoconf 2.52

	* NEWS: add news items.

	* glade/glade-xml.c: fix up doc comments for
	glade_xml_{get,pop}_uline_accel so that they actually get
	extracted correctly.

2001-09-05  James Henstridge  <>

	* increment version number.

	* doc/ copy build stuff from 


James Henstridge <>


		       Version 2, June 1991

 Copyright (C) 1991 Free Softw

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