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The X server for the generic frame buffer device on some machines.

The XFree86-FBDev package contains an X server for the generic frame buffer device. This X server is usually the only choice for SPARC machines, but also has some special capabilities that make it useful on Intel platforms, especially laptops.

First, this X server can be used as a generic driver for a chipset that does not yet have an Open Source driver (note that it will be un-accelerated). Secondly, this X server "speaks" VESA protocols, so it will produce the exact timing needed by projection systems. This feature is handy for using your laptop to display a presentation on a projection system on the road. Your regular X server may or may not be in sync with the projection system, but the FBDev X server will always work. Thirdly, this X server can produce a larger display, at a higher resolution, for consoles on laptops.

Package version:3.3.6
Distribution:Red Hat

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