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The XFree86 server for Mach8 video cards.

XFree86-Mach 8 is the X server for video cards built around ATI's Mach8 chip, including the ATI 8514 Ultra and Graphics Ultra.

This is not a definitive list of all of the video cards supported by this X server. Please see the XFree86 video card/server list available from the XFree86 Project's website at for a definitive list of X servers and which video cards they support.

If you are installing the X Window System and the video card in your uses the XFree86-Mach8 X server, you need to install XFree86-Mach8. You will also need to install the following packages: XFree86, one or more of the XFree86 fonts packages, X11R6-contrib, Xconfigurator, XFree86-xfs and XFree86-libs. And, finally, if you are going to be developing applications that run as X clients, you will also need to install XFree86-devel.

Package version:3.3.6
Distribution:Red Hat


XF86_Accel(1)                                          XF86_Accel(1)

       XF86_Accel  - accelerated X Window System servers for UNIX on
       x86 and Alpha platforms with an S3,  Mach8,  Mach32,  Mach64,
       P9000, AGX, ET4000/W32, ET6000, I128, TGA, or 8514/A acceler‐
       ator board

       XF86_S3 [:displaynumber] [ option ] ...

       XF86_S3V [:displaynumber] [ opt


.so man1/XF86_Accel.1x

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