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The GNU chess program.

The gnuchess package contains the GNU chess program. By default, GNUchess uses a curses text-based interface. Alternatively, GNUchess can be used in conjunction with the xboard user interface and the X Window System for a graphical chessboard.

Install the gnuchess package if you would like to play chess on your computer. If you'd like to use a graphical interface with GNUchess, you'll also need to install the xboard package and the X Window System.

Package version:5.02
Distribution:Red Hat

Browse inside gnuchess-5.02-11.src.rpm

21.09 MB2014-11-27chess-5.02.tar.bz2
340 B2014-11-27gnuchess-5.02-bookpath.patch  view
334 B2014-11-27gnuchess-5.02-fsstnd.patch  view
280 B2014-11-27gnuchess-5.02-segflt.patch  view
3.68 KB2014-11-27gnuchess.spec  view
1.02 KB2014-11-27HEADER  view  195 mirrors

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