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gEdit is a small but powerful text editor for GNOME.

gEdit is a small but powerful text editor designed specifically for the GNOME GUI desktop. gEdit includes a plug-in API (which supports extensibility while keeping the core binary small), support for editing multiple documents using notebook tabs, and standard text editor functions.

You'll need to have GNOME and GTK+ installed to use gEdit.

Package version:0.9.7
Distribution:Red Hat

Browse inside gedit-0.9.7-8.src.rpm

312 B2014-11-27gedit-0.9.4-cflags.patch  view
3.98 KB2014-11-27gedit-0.9.4-print.patch  view
14.87 KB2014-11-27gedit-0.9.4-printprefs.patch  view
13.80 KB2014-11-27gedit-0.9.7-cjk.patch  view
779 B2014-11-27gedit-0.9.7-gettext-font.patch  view
1.07 MB2014-11-27gedit-0.9.7.tar.gz  view  74 mirrors
64.36 KB2014-11-27gedit-pofiles.tar.gz
4.92 KB2014-11-27gedit.spec  view
983 B2014-11-27HEADER  view  270+ mirrors

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