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A different version of Emacs.

XEmacs (like GNU Emacs) is a self-documenting, customizable, extensible, real-time display editor. XEmacs is self-documenting because at any time you can type control-h to find out what your options are or find out what a command does. XEmacs is customizable because you can change the definitions of XEmacs commands. XEmacs is xtensible because you can write entirely new commands-programs in the Lisp language to be run by Emacs' own Lisp interpreter. XEmacs includes a real-time display, which means that the text being edited is visible on the screen and is updated very frequently (usually after every character or pair of characters) as you type.

This XEmacs distribution consists of three RPMs: xemacs (the main portion, including the standard XEmacs binary which most people use), xemacs-el (elisp sources, which you only need if you are going to program with Lisp in XEmacs), and xemacs-info (optional information about XEmacs).

Package version:21.4.12
Distribution:Red Hat

Browse inside xemacs-21.4.12-6.src.rpm

1.16 KB2014-11-30auctex-texjp-platex.patch  view
1.49 KB2014-11-30auctex-texsite-jlatex-detect-69129.patch  view
1.23 KB2014-11-30browse-url-htmlview-84262.patch  view
597 B2014-11-30configure-ppc-ldscript.patch  view
297  view  2 mirrors
232 B2014-11-30dotxemacs-init.el  view
1.85 KB2014-11-30egg-wnn-host-unix-79826.patch  view
110.26  view  2 mirrors
45.55  view  2 mirrors
77.25  view
46.30  view
1.50 KB2014-11-30HEADER  view  14 mirrors
461 B2014-11-30menubar-games.patch  view
303 B2014-11-30movemail-mktemp.patch  view
1.30 KB2014-11-30psgml-browsers-84262.patch  view
18.63 KB2014-11-30rcs2log-update.patch
821 B2014-11-30xemacs-21.4.10-find-paths-pkgdir.patch  view
400 B2014-11-30xemacs-21.4.12-find-paths-libexec-lib64.patch  view
437 B2014-11-30xemacs-21.4.12-mk-nochk-features.patch  view
10.16 MB2014-11-30xemacs-21.4.12.tar.gz  view  242+ mirrors
480 B2014-11-30xemacs-21-cursor.patch  view  4 mirrors
1.15 KB2014-11-30xemacs.desktop  view
4.56 MB2014-11-30xemacs-mule-sumo-2003-02-05.tar.bz2  view  174 mirrors
2.69 KB2014-11-30xemacs.png  view  76 mirrors
263 B2014-11-30xemacs-psgml-init.el  view
955 B2014-11-30xemacs-sitestart.el  view
29.47 KB2014-11-30xemacs.spec  view
18.02 MB2014-11-30xemacs-sumo-2003-02-05.tar.bz2  view  174 mirrors

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