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Adds banners to Zope

Software Product: Advertising Banner Product

Created by lalo. Last modified on 2000/07/21.

This Product adds a BannerAd ZClass, basically a Renderable Image with properties for URL, and a Banner Folder ZClass.

The BannerFolder object can contain BannerAds and DTML Methods. It will randmly choose and render one of them. If the chosen object is a BannerAd, it will only be displayed if its "remaining_views" property is different from 0. It will also decrement "remaining_views" if >0 and increment "views", so you can charge.

The folder itself is Renderable too, so all you have to do to get a banner is <dtml-var my_banner_folder>. This is why the default ID for BannerFolders is "banner" (so that you type <dtml-var banner>.

Some parts of the Product are still ugly hacks and workarounds in this version, so beware.

For example, if it doesn't find a suitable subobject (it's empty, or all objects are BannerAds with 0 remaining_views) it will get into an infinite loop - so always keep at least one BannerAd with -1 remaining_views, or a DTML Method inside all your BannerFolders.

Depends on PythonMethod and Renderable Zclass.

Package version:0.4
Distribution:Red Hat

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