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NetWare file and print servers which run on Linux systems.

The mars_nwe (MARtin Stover's NetWare Emulator) package enables Linux to provide both file and print services for NetWare clients (i.e., providing the services of a Novell NetWare file server). Mars_nwe allows the sharing of files between Linux machines and Novell NetWare clients, using NetWare's native IPX protocol suite.

Install the mars_nwe package if you need a Novell NetWare file server on your Red Hat Linux system.

Package version:0.99pl17
Distribution:Red 6.1


This is Mars_nwe, a free NetWare(tm) emulator for Linux and UnixWare,
written by Martin Stover, Marburg, Germany.

>>>> Please read THE WHOLE of this file as it gives important
>>>> information about mars_nwe, how you can get help and so on.

This software is freely distributable under the GNU public license, a
copy of which you should have received with this software (in a file
called COPYING).



mars_nwe - Martin Stovers netware emulation
Copyright (C) 1993,1997  Martin Stover, Marburg, Germany

Help on how to compile and install can be found in `INSTALL'.

"mars_nwe" is an attempt to emulate the basic functionality
of a netware-server under UNIX (Linux).
The first version was written 1993 on a UnixWare 1.1 with TLI-Code.
1994 I ported it to LINUX, which was easy because I only had


This is a port of Mars_nwe, a free NetWare(tm) emulator for Linux and 
UnixWare to FreeBSD. An original program was written by Martin Stover, 
Marburg, Germany. Port to FreeBSD was made by Boris Popov (

	Notes given below related only to FreeBSD. For full description
 of Mars_nwe, please read README file.

	Additional info about IPX on FreeBSD available at



Now MASR_NWE contains ALPHA code for support NLS.

This support is not based on standard libc defini


(C)opyright (C) 1993,1997  Martin Stover, Marburg

Hilfe zum Kompilieren bzw. Installieren siehe in 


!! this dosemupatch is _not_ needed for kernel >= 1.3.71 :)  !!
If dosemu don't work together with m


This is an important kernel ipx patch for all known kernels prior 2.0.32 

In linux/net/ipx/af_ipx.c


This is the kernel-ipx patch for the 1.2.13 kernel.
If you have problems with mars_nwe or if you wan

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Download mars-nwe-0.99pl17-4.i386.rpm

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