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This is strace 4.0, a system call tracer for SunOS 4.x, Linux, System
V release 4, Solaris 2.x and Irix 5.x.  strace is released under a
Berkeley-style license at the request of Paul Kranenburg; see the file
COPYRIGHT for details.

Read the INSTALL file for generic instructions on how to install
strace.  If configure cannot guess your system configuration, you can
specify it on the command line af


If you use the CVS version of strace there will be some files missing
that you need to build strace.  These files are generated by tools from
the GNU Autoconf and Automake packages.  You need recent versions, which
provide the `autoreconf -i' command that will do everything you need.


Here's a preliminary port of strace to FreeBSD.

Here are some notes about it :

- This couldn't have been done without the sources of the truss
  utility by Sean Eric Fagan, which were of great help.
- The tracing mecanism used by FreeBD is a lot like the SVR4 one, so
  this port shares a lot of code with the SVR4 port, including the
  akward event loop when tracing multiple processes.

- This


Strace has been ported by Branko Lankester <>
to run on Linux systems.  Since then


This is the unmodified READ


Even though SVR4 has truss, you may prefer using strace for a number
of reasons.  Not the least of w


Changes in 4.5.18
* Bug fixes.
* Support new Linux/PPC system call subpage_prot and P


2008-08-28  Roland McGrath  <>

	*, NEWS: Version 4.5.18.
	* strace.sp

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