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= Overview =
Main goal of this project main is to ease usage of legacy, not
JACK-ified apps, in a JACK MIDI enabled system.

There are two ways to use legacy ALSA sequencer applications in JACK
MIDI system.

The first approach is to use automatic bridging. For every ALSA
sequencer port you get one JACK MIDI port. If ALSA sequencer port is
both input and output one, you get two JACK MIDI ports, one


= Version 7 "Paisius of Hilendar" on 2011-01-16 =
 * MIDI processing improvements
 * Use the JACK limit for max port name size (sr #2526)
 * Adopt to shared library policy changes in some distros (sr #2547)
 * dbus support can now be disabled at configure stage
 * fix build on not so common platforms (LP: #556351)
 * man pages (from Debian)
 * reopen log file when it is deleted or replaced

= Vers


Nedko Arnaudov <>
Dmitry S. Baikov <>
Paul Davis <>
Torben Hohn <>

Juuso Alasuutari has copyright ownership on some D-Bus related code, taken from other projects (lash, jackdbus).

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