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Please read alien's man page for general documentation.

Getting alien:

  The newest versions of alien are available at the alien home page; drop by

Other things you'll need:

  To use alien, you will need several other programs. Alien is a perl
  program, and requires perl version 5.004 or greater. If you use slackware,
  make sure you get perl 5.004, the 


alien (8.79) unstable; urgency=low

  * Typo. Closes: #554379
  * Modify -g and -s to support running on multiple packages at once.
    Closes: #554404
  * Removed all built-in patches for converting specific packages
    (j2sdk, jdk, lgtoclnt, motif) with alien. These were out of date,
    and not maintained. Alien will not include such patches going forward.
  * Depend on the new rpm2cpio packag


* handling postinst script when converting to/from .slp packages.
* alien needs to handle relocatable conffiles, partially relocatable
  packages, and packages that have maultiple parts that relocate
* rpm ghost file support. On conversion, make preinst move file out of the
  way, postinst put it back. Thus emulating the behavior of rpm.
* seems slackware packages may now incliude a


This is a program originally written by Christoph Lameter

Deb to rpm convers

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