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The FHS standard specifies /var/mail as the mail spool, but it also says
/var/mail may be a symbolic link to another directory, and there is no
requirement to physically move the mail spool to this location.

Therefore, no package will move files around from one location to another
on upgrades, and /var/mail will be the real directory only in newly
installed systems.

Since /var/spool/mail has bee


Frequently Asked Questions about base-files

* Questions about "profile.d":

Q. Why does Debian not have a "profile.d" directory, like other distributions?

A. Because no Debian package needs it. Debian policy says: "A program
must not depend on environment variables to get reasonable defaults".
This policy has been very successful so far. If the default


base-files (5.0.0ubuntu20.10.04.2) lucid-security; urgency=low

  * SECURITY UPDATE: unauthenticated software installations.
    - debian/ A bug in the build process for the Dell Latitude
      2110 factory pre-installed OEM images caused a temporary apt
      configuration file to be left in the installed system. This disabled
      apt's enforcement of authenticated packages. Remove 


This is the Debian #OSNAME# prepackaged version of the Debian Base System
Miscellaneous files. These

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