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 * Full documentation is at

 * The condensed version:
   1. Create a user on your system under which to run Citadel
   2. Install supported versions of Berkeley DB, libical, and libsieve.
   3. ./configure && make && make install
   4. Run the "setup" program
 * After installing Citadel, you'll probably want to install WebCit
   so that you can access the Citadel sys


This will be a module to synchronise two Citadel servers.

We should add comments here for features that are needed

The initial plan is that this module will provide services to allow
a new Citadel server to collect all data from an existing Citadel server
resulting in the new server being a complete duplicate of the original.

All data must be transfered over the wire.
The data synchronised sho


Copyright: (C) 1987-2009 Citadel development team; GPL V3

Copyright for CRC16: (C) 2002-2003 Indigo Systems Corporation; 
	  Artistic license + Non advertising clause

Copyright for MD5 implementation: (C) 1993 Colin Plumb; Public Domain

Copyright for RFC 2739 openldap schema:
   (C) 2000 The Internet Society
   (C) 2004 Martin Konold <>
   (C) 2006 Art Cancro <ajc@unce

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