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Copyright (C) 2000, 2003 Free Software Foundation, Inc.

This file is intended to contain a few notes about writing C code
within GCC so that it compiles without error on the full range of
compilers GCC needs to be able to compile on.

The problem is that many ISO-standard constructs are not accepted by
either old or buggy compilers, and we keep getting bitten by them.
This knowledge until know ha


This directory contains machine-specific files for the GNU C compiler.
It has a subdirectory for each basic CPU type.
The only files in this directory itself
are some .h files that pertain to particular operating systems
and are used for more than one CPU type.


                Arm / Thumb Interworking

The Cygnus GNU Pro Toolkit for the ARM7T processor supports function
calls between code compiled for the ARM instruction set and code
compiled for the Thumb instruction set and vice versa.  This document
describes how that interworking support operates and explains the
command line switches that should be used in or


Except for t-softfp, the files in this directory are part of the GNU C
Library, not part of GCC.  As


This directory contains the -liberty library of free software.
It is a collection of subroutines use


KWSys provides a platform-independent API to many common system
features that are implemented differ


The directory containing this README is no longer the top-level of the
GCC-XML source tree.  Please 


IBM xlC support contributed by Hady Zalek

This is a small README file regarding gccxml support for 

Browse inside gccxml_0.9.0+cvs20090916.orig.tar.gz

         [DIR]gccxml-0.9.0+cvs20090916.orig/ (6)

Download gccxml_0.9.0+cvs20090916.orig.tar.gz

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