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Short: Port of GNU make with SAS/C (no ixemul.library required)
Author: GNU, Amiga port by Aaron "Optimizer" Digulla
Uploader: Aaron "Optimizer" Digulla (
Type: dev/c

This is a pure Amiga port of GNU make. It needs no extra libraries or
anything. It has the following features (in addition to any features of
GNU make):

- Runs Amiga-Commands with SystemTags() (Execute)
- Can


Port of GNU Make to 32-bit protected mode on MSDOS and MS-Windows.

Builds with DJGPP v2 port of GNU C/C++ compiler and utilities.

New (since 3.74) DOS-specific features:

   1. Supports long filenames when run from DOS box on Windows 9x.

   2. Supports both stock DOS COMMAND.COM and Unix-style shells
      (details in ``Notes'' below).

   3. Supports DOS drive letters in dependencies and patt


Port of GNU make to OS/2.

Features of GNU make that do not work under OS/2:
  - remote job execution
  - dynamic load balancing

Special features of the OS/2 version:

Due to the fact that some people might want to use sh syntax in
Makefiles while others might want to use OS/2's native shell cmd.exe,
GNU make supports both shell types. The following list defines the order
that is used to determi


This version of GNU make has been tested on Microsoft Windows 2000/XP/2003.
It has also been used on



GNU make can utiliz





This directory contains the %VERSION% release of GNU Make.

See the file NEWS for the user-visible c


This is the VMS version of GNU Make, updated by Hartmut Becker

Changes are based on GNU make 3.80. 

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