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* Welcome to LibreOffice *

	Welcome to LibreOffice. This package is just a shim that sits
around, and makes it easy to work with the bulk of the code. This is
downloaded from a source archive, or git (if configured with
--with-git) by the shell script.

	You will need around 6Gb of spare disk space to build, install
and have space to have a copy or two. The latest version of this code


In a simple build scenario / to get started use:

./build-ooo OOO_STABLE_1 --checkout

then (you need to be a sudoer):

./package-ooo OOO_STABLE_1 --clean

Other files:		- misc. configuration options
  install-icons		- install artwork and icons, re-scale
			  existing icons using ImageMagic.
  tinder-build		- used on the tinderbox to build and
			  package OO.o in a loop. 


Some random development-style thoughts / documents on OO.o

accessibility.txt:     notes on gnome/a11y code.
announce.txt:          base announcement E-mail for new releases
alpha-rework.txt:      notes on nicely alpha blended icons
cuckooo.txt:           outline notes on this, & Java samples.
layout-overview.txt:   notes on adding layout to VCL
print-integration.txt: notes on printing integration


These directories hold vendor patches, that are in the process of being migrated into flat LibreOffi


All patches in this directory are automatically applied in alphabetical order.
They are applied afte


Dear translators,

this directory includes ooo-build-specific localized strings for 


This directory is intended for original .sdf files with the en_US strings.
They might be extracted d


This is where all the source is downloaded to when you run 'download'

Browse inside libreoffice_3.3.2.orig-libreoffice-build.tar.gz

         [DIR]libreoffice-build/ (36)  60 mirrors

Download libreoffice_3.3.2.orig-libreoffice-build.tar.gz

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