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Quick Guide To Patching This Package For The Impatient

1. Make sure you have quilt installed
2. Unpack the package as usual with "dpkg-source -x"
3. Run the "patch" target in debian/rules
4. Create a new patch with "quilt new" (see quilt(1))
5. Edit all the files you want to include in th


The iceauth program is used to edit and display the authorization 
information used in connecting with ICE.   It operates very much
like the xauth program for X11 connection authentication records.

All questions regarding this software should be directed at the
Xorg mailing list:

Please submit bug reports to the Xorg bugzilla:



This directory contains several alternative rgb databases:

    old-rgb.txt			the version that was shipped in previous 
				releases; this was originally "tuned" for
				the Digital VT240 series terminals.

    raveling.txt		lots of new colors, tuned by Paul Raveling
				at ISI for the HP monitor; see below.

    thomas.txt			a version of the older database that was 
				tuned by John Thomas at Te


Sessreg is a simple program for managing utmp/wtmp entries for X sessions.
It was originally written


xcmsdb is used to load, query, or remove Device Color Characterization
data stored in properties on 


xgamma allows X users to query and alter the gamma correction of a
monitor via the X video mode exte


xhost is used to manage the list of host names or user names
allowed to make connections to the X se


The xmodmap program is used to edit and display the keyboard modifier
map and keymap table that are 

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