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This version of zsh has been patched with support for maildir
folders in MAIL and MAILPATH.

In the zsh/pcre module, regular expression support is
provided by the PCRE library package, which is open
source software, written by Philip Hazel, and copyright
by the University of Cambridge, England.


Clint Adams <>


zsh-beta (4.3.0-dev-1+20050822-2) unstable; urgency=low

  * The zsh-beta binary has moved to /bin.  No
    compatibility symlink is provided in /usr/bin.

 -- Clint Adams <>  Mon, 22 Aug 2005 20:59:41 -0400


zsh-beta (4.3.12-dev-1+20110925-1ubuntu1) precise; urgency=low

  * Manual merge from debian testing. (due to MoM not being updated).
    Remaining changes:
    - Add "add-shell /bin/zsh" because zsh-beta is already registered
      as an alternative to zsh, and this is needed to be able to have
      zsh-beta as the only installed zsh.
    - Don't set PATH in zshenv any more.

 -- Bhavani Shankar


This is the Debian GNU/Linux prepackaged version of the Z Shell (zsh), a shell
with lots of features

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Download zsh-beta_4.3.12-dev-1+20110925-1ubuntu1.debian.tar.gz

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