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virtual Richard M. Stallman

The vrms program will analyze the set of currently-installed packages on a Debian-based system, and report all of the packages from the non-free and contrib trees which are currently installed.

In some cases, the opinions of Richard M. Stallman and the Debian project have diverged since this program was originally written. In such cases, this program follows the Debian Free Software Guidelines.

Note that vrms is not limited to Debian systems only (which means that it also works with Debian-derived distributions such as Ubuntu). It is also not limited to Linux-based systems.

Future versions of vrms may include an option to also display text from the public writings of RMS and others that explain why use of each of the installed non-free packages might cause moral issues for some in the Free Software community. This functionality is not yet included.

Package version:1.16


This program was written specifically for Debian by Bill Geddes and
Bdale Garbee in January of 1999.

The effort resulted from a series of discussions with Richard
M. Stallman about the problem posed by the existence of the non-free
tree on many Debian FTP sites to users who wish to run a system of
entirely Free Software.  The goal is to make it easy for a Debian user
to know what non-free softwar


VRMS(1)                                                      VRMS(1)

       vrms - report of installed non-free software

       vrms [OPTION] ...

       This program began as an attempt to create a "virtual Richard
       M. Stallman" for Debian GNU/Linux.  Thus the choice of name.

       This program analyzes the currently-installed package list on
       a  Debian


vrms (1.16) unstable; urgency=low

  [ Rogério Brito ]
  * vrms:
    + consider the section "partner" as non-free. (LP: #284078).

  [ Bdale Garbee ]
  * debian/control:
    + update maintainer address, standards version, VCS fields
    + change debhelper build-dep to require version 8 or later
  * debian/rules, debian/compat:
    + switch to using debhelper 8 dh

 -- Bdale Garbee <>


This package was debianized by Bdale Garbee <>
Stephen Moraco <> now 

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