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data files for z88dk

This package contains any data files needed by z88dk tools.
Package version:1.8.ds1-9


z88dk - v1.8 XX Mar 2008

z88dk is a Z80 cross compiler producing binaries for over 20 different z80
based machines. Binaries are supplied for Win32,Amiga and Solaris platforms.

This file contains basic install instructions and a guide to compilation of 
the system for those systems without a binary kit prepared.

Binary Kit Instructions



Header files for each hardware API for all platforms go here.
Library code for the hardware API is already included in the
platform's default library (this means you do not need to
link to anything extra to use the API).

Header files for a software sprite engine are copied here
when the software sprite engine is configured and made.


Includes for the Ti-83 and the TI-83 Plus (main.h ti83.h ti83p.h)

Just a quick readme to explain things. The files included
have been changed to compile with z80asm, a linux z80 compiler
included with the project z88dk which can be found at sourceforge.
The main.h file assumes that your .asm files are in src/ and the includes in 
lib/ also, you'll have to


All the libraries are in here, to keep them separate from the header files i
(just makes my life eas


z88dk(1)                 z88 Development Kit                z88dk(1)

       z88dk - The z88 


z88dk (1.8.ds1-9) unstable; urgency=low

  [ Piotr Roszatycki ]
  * Source package converted to debh


This is a prepackaged version of a Z80 processor assembler and SmallC+
cross compiler.  It was Debia

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