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Documentation for flex (a fast lexical analyzer generator).

Flex is a tool for generating scanners: programs which recognized lexical patterns in text. It reads the given input files for a description of a scanner to generate. The description is in the form of pairs of regular expressions and C code, called rules. Flex generates as output a C source file, lex.yy.c, which defines a routine yylex(). This file is compiled and linked with the -lfl library to produce an executable. When the executable is run, it analyzes its input for occurrences of the regular expressions. Whenever it finds one, it executes the corresponding C code.

This package contains the HTML documentation for flex.

Package version:2.5.35-10ubuntu3


This is flex, the fast lexical analyzer generator.

flex is a tool for generating scanners: programs which recognize
lexical patterns in text.

More information about flex as well as the latest official release of
flex can be found at:

Bug reports should be submitted using the SourceForge Bug Tracker
facilities which can be found from flex's SourceForge project page 


This is the file NEWS for the flex package. It records user -visible
changes between releases of flex.

See the file COPYING for copying conditions.

* version 2.5.35 released 2008-02-26

** fixed bug that prevented flex from accepting certain comments in the
  scanner file (resolves bugs #1849809 and #1849805)

** fix bug that prevented headers for all functions from being generated
  (resolves b


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<title>FAQ - Lexical Analysis With Flex</title>
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<meta name="description" content="Lexical Analysis With Flex">
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flex (2.5.35-10ubuntu3) precise; urgency=low

  * Add a Breaks: flex (<<) to libfl-dev, so that remo


This is the Debian prepackaged version of flex, the fast lexical
analyzer generator.

This package w


<html lang="en">
<title>Copyright - Lexical Analysis With Flex</title>
<meta http-equiv="Cont

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