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highly customizable text editor -- architecture independent support files

XEmacs is a full fledged programming language with a mail reader, news reader, info browser, web browser, calendar, specialized editor for more programming languages and other formats than most people encounter in a lifetime, and much more.

Support and architecture independent files for XEmacs 21.4.22. This includes the files found in etc and all required elisp library files (mostly compiled (.elc files), but a few uncompiled (.el files)).

Package version:21.4.22-3.2ubuntu1


This directory tree holds version 21.4 of XEmacs, the extensible,
customizable, self-documenting real-time display editor.  This version
of XEmacs also runs on various Microsoft Windows platforms including
MS Windows '95 and MS Windows NT and Cygwin.

See the file `etc/NEWS' for information on new features and other
user-visible changes since the last version of XEmacs.

The file `INSTALL' in this


                                                            -*- Outline -*-
This file is in Outline mode.  It is best viewed under XEmacs.

Press C-c C-o (Ctrl+c Ctrl+o) now to see a list of headings.
  To expand a heading:  Put the cursor on the heading and press C-c C-s
To collapse a heading:  Press C-c C-d

For general XEmacs navigation tips: Press C-h t

The XEmacs Packages Quick Start Guide


This directory contains some text files of documentation for XEmacs or
of interest to XEmacs users, some programs used by or with XEmacs, and
the file of on-line documentation for XEmacs.

BETA			Information about Beta versions
CHARSETS		Character set descriptions
CODING-STANDARDS	XEmacs C & Lisp coding standards
CODINGS			Character set codings
COOKIES			Urban Legend, or True Story? :-)


Hyperbole is a suite of tools for enhancing productivity.

Hyperbole has been packaged as of 2003-07


The OO-Browser is a tool for examining object oriented code.

The OO-Browser is a candidate for XEma


The files in this directory contain source code for the XEmacs
facilities written in Emacs Lisp.  *.


   This directory contains files of elisp that customize Emacs for certain
terminal types.



-*- mode:outline -*-
* Introduction

This file presents the changes in recent XEmac

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