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Very small firewall script, for configuring iptables

Uruk is a wrapper for Linux ip[6]tables. A very simple shell script, but useful if you need similar (but not the same) packet filtering configurations on lots of hosts. It uses a template file, which gets sourced as a shell script, to get lists of source addresses, allowed to use specific network services. Listing these groups of allowed hosts and allowed services is all what's needed to configure your box.

Main difference with other firewall setup tools: uruk is just a very small (just 14K!) shell script, no gui, no interactive setup, no default configuration. You'll like this if you'd rather not have lots of (probably buggy) code between you and your filtering rules.

Package version:20110608-1



Uruk is a simple shell script (uruk(5)) which calls Linux
iptables.  It uses a template file to get lists of source addresses, allowed to
use specific network services.


Uruk is useful only on Linux systems.  However, the rc file (see uruk-rc(5))
could be used by other packet filtering engine wrappers too.

For this script to work, your Linux kernel needs stuff from th


Uruk won't "just work" for you out of the box.  Since there are no defaults
which will work for everybody (if you disagree, convince me there are!), it
needs manual configuration.  See uruk(8) for quick setup instructions.

The Uruk Debian package installs /etc/init.d/uruk.  The remark about
this init script in the Uruk README file can be ignored.

This package is somewhat biased to using uruk wit


The files here include an XML configuration schema for a firewall and software
to transform this XML configuration into an Uruk configuration file.  See for more details.

The rest of this README is in Dutch.

Fred wrote me:

 Date: Fri, 21 Sep 2007 16:19:39 +0200
 From: Fred Vos
 To: Joost van Baal
 Subject: XML voor uruk
 Message-ID: <20070921141939


Uruk NEWS - user visible changes (and some other changes also.)

Refer to ChangeLog for detailed per


uruk (20100823-1) unstable; urgency=low

  * Support for IPv6 packet filtering via ip6tables is now 


uruk-rc(5)                  FILE FORMATS                  uruk-rc(5)

      uruk-rc - uruk 


uruk-save(8)           SYSTEM ADMINISTRATION            uruk-save(8)

      uruk-save  - sa


uruk(8)                SYSTEM ADMINISTRATION                 uruk(8)

      uruk - wrapper 

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