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interpreted library for the Yorick language

Yorick is an interpreted programming language for: * scientific simulations or calculations * postprocessing or steering large simulation codes * interactive scientific graphics * reading, writing, and translating large files of numbers

The yorick-data package contains all the architecture-independent data, which is mostly the standard interpreted library.

Package version:2.2.01+dfsg-2


Here are the "style sheets" *.gs and palettes *.gp that come with this
distribution.  You can make your own; see for a description of
the style sheet format, or for the palette format.

The PostScript file is the template used by gist; you can also
print it to test the gist primitives on your printer.  The
file is the same thing with more comments, but fewer tests.


These interpreted source files are read by yorick as it starts.  (The
actual commands which include them may be found in i0/stdx.i.)

All files in this directory whose names end with ".i" will be
included, in alphabetical order (all uppercase letters precede any
lower case letter, and digits precede either).  Other files (such as
this README) are ignored.

There are a total of three i-start direct


     The following include files contain Yorick code built from the
     basic Yorick functions.  These are part of the Yorick distribution,
     and are located in the directory Y_SITE/include.

   Special functions:

   bessel.i   - integer order Bessel functions
     Functions: bessj, bessy, bessi, bessk
   gamma.i    - gamma and beta functions (erfc in dawson.i better)


These interpreted source files are read by yorick as it starts.  The
files themselves contain extens


yorick (2.2.01+dfsg-2) unstable; urgency=low

  * Add yorick-dbg package
  * Add Vcs-Git and Vcs-Bro


# BSD License

Copyright (c) 2005, The Regents of the University of California.
Produced at the Lawr


Upstream-Name: Yorick

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