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Offline mail and news package creator (spool version)

Uqwk is a program which collects all of a user's unread mail or news and formats it into a packet for offline reading. QWK, Simple Offline Usenet Packet (SOUP), and ZipNews packet formats are supported.

Uqwk also accepts reply packets, so replies can be mailed or posted, depending whether the message is marked private (email) or public (news).

Uqwk also supports a small offline command language, so the contents of the user's .newsrc file can be viewed and manipulated offline.

This version accesses newsgroups via a local news spool.

Package version:2.21-15


				$Id: README,v 1.3 2000/01/03 08:56:55 js Exp $

                       Copyright     1993-1994,             steve belczyk
                       Modifications 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999,
                                     2000                   jeroen scheerder

uqwk is a program which collects all a user's unread mail or news
and formats it into a packet for offline reading.  QWK, Simple


uqwk for Debian (spool version)

Uqwk comes in two flavours, one using NNTP to retrieve the news postings,
one accessing a local news spool to do the same. This is the version that
retrieves messages from a spool, the NNTP version is in the packages 'uqwk'.
If both packages are installed, the command 'uqwk' will by default call the
NNTP version. If you wish to have both versions in


				$Id: README.Typhoon,v 1.1 1999/08/29 07:49:41 js Exp $

There is a known problem with the Typhoon news server, at least in
versions < 1.2.1.  Version 1.2.2 is claimed to fix it.

The problem is that Typhoon reports existing groups as nonexistent; i.e.
in an NNTP transacton, the following would typically happen:

	$ telnet nntp
	200 Typhoon v.1.2.1 ready


	OLMenu - A menu-driven offline reader system for uqwk

Thanks for using OLMenu!

OLMenu will simpli


		sonr - Simple Offline News/mail Reader

Sonr is a Unix shell script that automates the operation o


$Id: FAQ,v 1.3 1999/04/14 15:15:09 js Exp $

Frequently-Asked Questions about uqwk:


UQWK(1)                                                      UQWK(1)

       uqwk - Collect n


uqwk (2.21-15) unstable; urgency=low

  * Use /bin/bash in sample script.
   (Closes: Bug#530215, 53

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