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Development files for cdebconf

Debconf is a configuration management system for Debian packages. It is used by some packages to prompt you for information before they are installed. This is a reimplementation of the original debconf version in C.

This package contains files needed to do cdebconf development

Package version:0.147


cdebconf (0.147) unstable; urgency=high

  [ Colin Watson ]
  * Fix double-dereference of progress title questions in text frontend
    (closes: #568381).

  [ Frans Pop ]
  * Upload with urgency high because of the upcoming D-I release.

  [ Updated translations ]
  * Arabic (ar.po) by Ossama M. Khayat
  * Slovenian (sl.po) by Vanja Cvelbar
  * Simplified Chinese (zh_CN.po) by 苏运强

 -- Fran


CDebConf was initially written by Randolph Chung <>

Other contributors include:
	Anthony Towns <>
	David Whedon <>
	Dan Jacobowitz <>
	Tollef Fog Heen <>
	Attilio Fiandrotti <>
	Colin Watson <>

CDebConf includes ideas and code from:
	debconf - The original, de facto, perl implemen

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