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Yet Another JSON Library - development files

A small, fast library for parsing JavaScript Object Notation (JSON). It supports incremental parsing from a stream and leaves data representation to higher level code.

This package contains the header files and static libraries needed for compiling software that uses the yajl library.

Package version:1.0.8-1


Welcome to Yet Another JSON Library (YAJL)

## Why does the world need another C library for parsing JSON?  

Good question.  In a review of current C JSON parsing libraries I was 
unable to find one that satisfies my requirements.  Those are, 
0. written in C
1. portable
2. robust -- as close to "crash proof" as possible
3. data representation independent
4. fast
5. generates verbose, useful erro


yajl (1.0.8-1) unstable; urgency=low

  * New upstream
  * Bump shlibs

 -- John Stamp <>  Sat, 26 Dec 2009 16:40:49 -0800

yajl (1.0.6+git20090925-1) unstable; urgency=low

  * New upstream
  * Drop README.Debian: upstream removed non-free files
  * Drop relaxed-integer-tests.patch (merged upstream)
  * Update manpages

 -- John Stamp <>  Tu


     * Randall E. Barker - move dllexport defnitions so dlls with proper
	exports can again be generated on windows 
     * lth - add yajl_get_bytes_consumed() which allows the client to
	determine the offset as an error, as well as determine how
	many bytes of an input buffer were consumed.
     * lth - fixes to keep "error offset" up to date (like when the
	client callback returns 0)


* add a test for 0x1F bug
* numeric overflow in integers and double
* line and char offsets in the l


This package was debianized by John Stamp <> on
Thu, 15 Jul 2009 19:35:4

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