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A library that emulates SGI's GL routines under X11

Ygl is an graphics library that emulates the routines of SGI's GL (sometimes called IRIS GL). Please note that GL is different from OpenGL. Ygl is very simple to use, and very fast. The 2D routines are built around the standard X11 libraries and reported to be faster than GL itself. This release will also work with FORTRAN code and has been built with 3D support. The library therefore requires the use of the OpenGL libraries.

This package provides the runtime library.

Package version:4.2e-4


ygl (4.2e-4) unstable; urgency=low

  * fixed a typo (Ygl instead of ygl) in the debian/watch file.
  * changed the description a bit.
  * changes debian/control to reflect the new Standards-Version.

 -- Ramakrishnan Muthukrishnan <>  Sun, 28 Jun 2009 09:57:08 +0530

ygl (4.2e-3) unstable; urgency=low

  * debian/control: added xbitmaps as build-dependency.

 -- Ramakrishnan M


****** [Logo] Ygl Version 4.2 Changes History ******
*** ©opyright 1993-2007 by Fred_Hucht_(fred(AT) ***
***** Changes from Version 4.2d -> 4.2e: *****
(V 4.2e released 11. May 2007)
    * Fixed broken irisgl/fdevice.h, updated examples/smile_{f77|xlf}.f
    * Removed obsolete library glwidget. This library can be found here.
***** Changes from Version 4.2c -> 4.2d: *****
(V 4


<!--- $Id: Changes.html,v 1.7 2007-05-11 20:37:08+02 fred Exp fred $ --->

<TITLE> Ygl Version 4.2 Changes History </TITLE>

<H1> <IMG SRC="Smile.gif" ALIGN=MIDDLE ALT="Logo">
<A HREF="ReadMe.html">Ygl</A> Version 4.2 Changes History </H1>

<FONT SIZE=4>©</FONT>opyright 1993-2007 by
<A HREF="/~fred


This package was debianized by Prabhu Ramachandran <>
and Ramakrishnan Muthukr

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