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Webmail for Linux Desktops

Provides a generic mailto: handler and webmail config dialog that lets the user choose his preferred webmail provider on first run and through the desktops Preferences->Webmail facility.

When clicking on mailto: links on your desktop or in your browser desktop-webmail will take care that the user gets redirected to his webmail of choice's compose webpage with the proper fields pre-filled in.

Currently default webmail providers are: Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo and Zoho.

Package version:002-0ubuntu1


desktop-webmail (002-0ubuntu1) lucid; urgency=low

  * Release 002
    + fix LP: #562840 - No service is launched when clicking menu icon
    + fix LP: #561923 - No support for Google Apps

  * drop patches applied upstream
    - delete debian/patches/consistent-naming.patch
  * ship /etc/desktop-webmail config directory that can be used to
    add system wide webmailers.ini etc.

 -- Alexander Sa


2010-04-15  Alexander Sack  <>

	Release 002

2010-04-15  Alexander Sack  <>

	* add desktop-webmail-config.desktop instead ... and register it as translatable file; do not
	change strings to not breach string freeze in ubuntu

2010-04-15  Alexander Sack  <>

	* dont ship desktop-webmail.desktop as a setting desktop file anymore

2010-04-15  Alexander S


	Source can be obtained from project website:

	Alexander Sack <>

The packaging and source tree is Copyright 2010, Canonical Ltd and licensed
under the terms of the GPLv3; see: /usr/share/common-licenses/GPL-3:

  Copyright (C) 2010  Canonical Ltd.

  This program is free software: you can redistribute it and/or modify


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