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application for data visualization based on MathGL

UDAV provides a graphical environment for Data Array Visualization based on the MathGL library. It allows easy viewing, manipulation and plotting of datasets, and supports a wide range of graphical effects with a simple scripting language, MGL. It can also execute MGL scripts. Features include:

* Simple and fast plotting of data and formulas; * One-click interface - just open the datafile in UDAV; * Scripts and graphical output both shown at the same time; * Rotate, pan, and zoom controls (via buttons or mouse); * Toggleable lighting and transparency; * GIF animation; * Support for smoothed lighting, transparency, arbitrary curvilinear coordinates, and TeX symbols and formulas; * Tables for data editing, with support for 3-dimensional arrays; * Basic toolset for data handling (smoothing, resizing, cropping, filling by formula, summation, differentiation, histogram creation, and so on); * Export to bitmap and vector formats (PNG, JPEG, EPS, or SVG).

Package version:


udav(1)                                                      udav(1)

       udav - program for data visualization based on MathGL

       udav [FILE]...

       This  manual  page  documents  briefly the udav command. This
       manual page was written for the Debian  distribution  because
       the original program does not have a manual page.

       udav has no op


udav ( unstable; urgency=low

  * debian/watch: Update URL to match new upstream versions.

 -- Salvatore Bonaccorso <>  Tue, 05 Jul 2011 19:17:09 +0200

udav ( unstable; urgency=low

  * New upstream release (Closes: #622599).
  * Drop fix-598069-segfault-under-kde.patch as it is applied upstream.
  * debian/copyright: Refresh and add copyright and license inf


For version 0.7


c. Scan code and put subplot styles by demand
b. Show sample output if possible (+ by check box)
	Options: Auto ranges (anal [XYZC]dat); Show box; Show axis;
a. Dialog for entry data -- including subdata, suffixies, and so on

??. Zooming by mouse should analyze scroller's position for picture ???

2. open several data files --> %1, %2, %3 ... + auto
3. Replace after 'Find'


Name: udav

Browse inside udav_0.7.1.2-2_amd64.deb

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Download udav_0.7.1.2-2_amd64.deb

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