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web-based frontend to Citadel groupware server

WebCit is a web-based, AJAX-enabled frontend to the Citadel groupware system. It is an attractive web middleware layer that allows user-friendly access. By combining WebCit and Citadel, you can have a versatile online environment with many users concurrently accessing the same system using the user interface of their choice (text, web, or downloaded client software).
Package version:7.71-dfsg-1


To complete the configuration of the Citadel server, use citadel-webcit with a
web browser, log in with the administrator's username and review items in the
Administration menu.

More detailed information can be found on, particularly in the
FAQ and Documentation sections.


                        WEBCIT for the Citadel System
   Copyright (C) 1996-2009 by the authors.  Portions written by:
	Art Cancro
	Wilfried Goesgens
	Dave West
	Thierry Pasquier
	Nathan Bryant
	Nick Grossman
	Andru Luvisi
	Alessandro Fulciniti
	Dave Lindquist
	Matt Pfleger
	Martin Mouritzen

   This program is open source software released under the terms of the GNU
   General Public License,


<! newstartpage.html start>
<div class="room_banner" >
<div align=center >
<h1><?_("New start page")></h1>
<div id="content">
<div align=center>
<font size=+2><?_("Your start page has been changed.")></font> </div>
<br /><br />
<div align=center>
<i><?_("(Note: this does not change your browser's home page. It changes the page you begin on when you log on to")> <?SERV:HUMANNODE


WEBCIT(8)                             WEBCIT(8)

       webcit - Citadel


webcit (7.71-dfsg-1) unstable; urgency=high

  * New Upstream version.

 -- Michael Meskes <meskes@d


This package was debianized by Wilfried Goesgens <> on
Mon, 25 Jul 2

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