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fast, self-healing application container server

uWSGI presents a complete stack for networked/clustered web applications, implementing message/object passing, caching, RPC and process management. It uses the uwsgi protocol for all the networking/interprocess communications.

uWSGI can be run in preforking, threaded, asynchronous/evented modes and supports various forms of green threads/coroutines (such as uGreen, Greenlet, Fiber). uWSGI provides several methods of configuration: via command line, via environment variables, via XML, INI, YAML configuration files, via LDAP and more.

On top of all this, it is designed to be fully modular. This means that different plugins can be used in order to add compatibility with tons of different technology on top of the same core.

This package depends on uWSGI core binary and installs: * init.d script for running uWSGI daemon(s) with options defined in custom user-created configuration files * infrastructure for running daemons (like common locations of communication sockets, logs)

Package version:1.0.3+dfsg-1


This is staging directory for uWSGI configuration files.

You should place configuration files here and create soft links to them in
/etc/uwsgi/apps-enabled directory.

See also /etc/uwsgi/apps-enabled/README.


Some files found in this directory are processed by uWSGI init.d script as
uWSGI configuration files.

On system boot for each configuration file new uWSGI daemon instance is started
with additional option. Name of this option is based on configuration file
extension. Path to configuration files is passed as option value.

See more detailed information at:
  * /usr/share/doc/uwsgi/README.Debian.gz


  1. Automatic starting of instances of uWSGI
  2. Owner, group and permissions of UNIX socket and pidfile
  3. Commands recognized by init.d script
  4. Controling specific instances of uWSGI
  5. Status of executing init.d command for specific instance
  6. Alternatives of /usr/bin/uwsgi executable

Automatic starting of instances of uWSGI

On b


uwsgi ( unstable; urgency=low

  Locations of runtime directory of uWSGI instance and logf


Upstream-Name: uW

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Download uwsgi_1.0.3+dfsg-1_amd64.deb

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