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X Font Server for TrueType fonts

TrueType fonts are generally regarded to be the best scalable fonts for displays. Applications needing scalable fonts that are to be displayed on a screen benefit most. This server will allow X11 applications to use the exact same fonts as the TrueType fonts used on Windows operating systems.

Note: This package does not contain fonts. They must be obtained separately.

Package version:1.7-6ubuntu1


	$Id: README 21 2002-11-14 12:08:04Z guillem $

This is just a simple file I decided to add to add a few notes that
may interest people. You SHOULD read this at a minimum for upgrades.

NOTE: Upgrades From 0.9.99:

Secondly. The default port has changed to 7101, and the default font
directory has moved to /usr/share/fonts/truetype. If you wish to know
why then read the other Docs. You can easily 


xfstt for Debian

* xfstt comes with NO FONTS you must obtain the fonts separately.

  This is a Font Server for X11 which uses True Type fonts, the same
  fonts used by DOS/Windows Systems. These fonts are available just about
  anywhere, unfortunatly most of them have very weird licences and can not
  be included here (that may change in the future if some truely free
  fonts ca


                      Xfstt Frequently Asked Questions

	$Id: FAQ 132 2005-11-30 00:38:53Z guillem $

This document addresses common questions (and some not so common ones)
about xfstt, the X11 TrueType Font Server. You will want to read this file
to see if it answers your questions before you go asking the maintainer or
in any public forums of course.

This FAQ is current as of version 1.7 of xfs


xfstt(1x)                Xfstt User's Manual               xfstt(1x)

       xfstt - X11 Font


xfstt (1.7-6ubuntu1) lucid; urgency=low

   * src/
    - don't copy TTFNINFO into TTFNHeade


1.7 (2005-11-30)

	Made gettext external
	Use autoreconf instead of
	Changed mail address


	$Id: TODO 125 2005-10-31 22:42:48Z guillem $

TODO list:

 - move all constants to configure space


Thank you to all who made xfstt better!


	Ove Kaaven (window-sami2 encoding support)

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