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Object-oriented concurrent language extensions for C++

μC++ is a dialect of C++, extending C++ with new constructs that provide advanced control-flow including light-weight concurrency on shared-memory uni- and multi-processor computers running UNIX and Linux operating systems. μC++ provides new kinds of classes, including coroutines, which have independent execution states; tasks, which have their own threads; and monitors, which allow for safe communication among tasks. These new classes can take part in inheritance, overloading, and templates, just like other classes. As well, C++ exception handling is extended, allowing exceptions to propagate among coroutines and tasks. Additional capabilities include: clustering of tasks and processors, object-oriented non-blocking I/O for files and sockets, and support for real-time programming.
Package version:5.3.0-2


This file contains instructions on how to build the latest version of uC++.
Presumably, you have just ftped the latest version.


uC++ requires at least:

1. gcc-3.4.x or greater, or Intel icc 8.1 or 9.0.  uC++ works reasonably well
   with GNU gcc-3.3.x, but there are some user compilation situations that fail
   (e.g., some usages of osacquire/isacquire).  As well, uC++ does 


u++(1)                                                        u++(1)

       u++ - uC++ Translator and Concurrency Runtime System

       u++ [-option [...]] [filename [...]]

       The  u++ command compiles uC++ and C++ source files and links
       C++ object files named on the command line.

       The u++ command introduces a translator pass over the  speci‐


u++ (5.3.0-2) unstable; urgency=low

  * QA upload.
  * Acknowledge NMUs. (Closes: #471384).
  * Build with gcc-4.4. (Closes: #505017).
    + Thanks to Martin Michlmayr for the fixes!
  * Move URL from package description to Homepage.
  * Add watch file.
  * Replace deprecated tetex-bin build-dep with texlive.
  * Remove duplicated B-D, B-D-I.
  * Move doc package to Section: doc.
  * Add copyrigh


This package was debianized by Richard C. Bilson
<>, based on the u++-4.10 

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