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Programming environment and editor for console and X11

Xwpe is an integrated programming and debugging environment similar to Borland's Turbo C and Pascal family. It has many features including the ability to start many compilers, linkers and debuggers from a menu-based interface or using keystrokes.

Syntax highlighting is included for many programming languages, and any compiler and debugger can easily be used by the program. When compiling from within xwpe, errors in the source code can be jumped to and swiftly corrected. Variables and the stack can be easily displayed. Setting and unsetting breakpoints can be done directly within the source code.

Although it is designed to be a tool for programmers (when invoked as wpe or xwpe), it can also be used as an easy to learn text editor (when invoked as program 'we' or 'xwe').

Package version:1.5.30a-2.1


                          XWPE ALPHA README

What is xwpe?

     Xwpe is a development environment designed for use on UNIX
systems.  Fred Kruse wrote xwpe and released the software for free
under the GNU Public License.  The user interface was designed to
mimic the Borland C and Pascal family.  Extensive support is provided
for programming.
     Syntax highlighting for many programming languages


Xwpe Package for Debian

The xwpe is in maintenance mode, and has not big updates
since ages. It has a few known bugs too. Use it at your own risk.
I would suggest you to use wpe only under a standard tty and
xwpe under X. The pure ncurses version has a few issues under
moderm terminal emulator.

 -- Francesco Paolo Lovergine <>  Thu,  2 Nov 2006 15:29:43 


.so man1/xwpe.1
.\" @(#)we.1	3/22/94


.so man1/xwpe.1
.\" @(#)wpe.1	3/22/94


.so man1/xwpe.1
.\" @(#)xwe.1	3/22/94


xwpe(1)                                                      xwpe(1)

       xwpe, xwe, wpe, 


xwpe (1.5.30a-2.1) unstable; urgency=low

  [ Jari Aalto ]
  * Non-maintainer upload.
    - Update t


Notes for Hackers
     Conditional compilation can quickly destroy the readability of source

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Download xwpe_1.5.30a-2.1_i386.deb

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