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Morse code tutor - shared library

The unixcw project provides support for learning to use Morse code.

This package provides shared library files to handle Morse code signals and to generate sound on the console buzzer or a sound card through OSS or ALSA.

Package version:3.0.2-1


unixcw for Debian

As of version 3.0, this package is split up into
- shared library (libcw3)
- development files (libcw3-dev)
- command line frontend (cw)
- ncurses frontend (cwcp)
- Qt frontend (xcwcp)

Kamil Ignacak <>, Tue, 29 Nov 2011, 20:49:32 +0100

As of version 2.0, this package has been split up into
- shared library (unixcw)
- development files (unixcw-d


The original UnixCW package, version 1, grew out of a desire to have a program
available under Linux that was very similar to the one I was used to under DOS.
While several Linux Morse Tutors were, in fact, still are, available, I never
quite found one that did the stuff I wanted.

From the original UnixCW package came version 2.  This was almost a total
rewrite, although it included the same bas


CW(7)                                                          CW(7)

       CW - the international Morse code

       CW  is  an  abbreviation  for "continuous wave", the commonly
       used technical term for Morse code  communication.   A  basic
       knowledge or understanding of Morse code is a requirement for
       Radio Amateurs and Marine Radio Operators in  many  par


unixcw (3.0.2-1) unstable; urgency=low

  * Fixing FTBFS (problems with config.* files). I think tha


This package was debianized by Joop Stakenborg on
Wed, 20 Jun 2001 09:44:23 +0200.

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